B.Sc 1st Year Seed Technology Syllabus Faizabad University, Theory/Practical Course Details

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Seed Technology part 1 syllabus and course input details have been confirmed by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University, Ayodhya.

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B.Sc Seed Technology 1st Year Syllabus of Avadh University:

Paper Name of the Paper Maximum Marks
Paper I Seed Morphology and Development 45
Paper II Seed Physiology and Biochemistry 45
Paper III Principle of Seed Production 45
Practical Based course details 65

Paper – I (Seed Morphology and Development) of RMLAU B.Sc Seed Technology Part 1 Syllabus:

Theory: Dicotyledonous and Monocotyledonous seeds of major crops and their family, flower structure, Megasporangium, female gametophyte development, Microsporangium, Male gametophyte development, pollination, autogamy, allogamy, fertilization endosperm and embryo development, immature and physiologically mature seeds, polyembryony, apomixes, development of seeds fruits, seed monoauxic diauxic and seed maturity Morphology and structure of seed.

1) Morphology of Dicot and Monocot seeds.
2) Seed identification of different species.
3) Morphology of seedlings and adult plants
4) Phenol test and peroxidase test.
5) GA test
6) Electrophoresis
7) Physical and chemical indices of seed maturity

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Paper – II (Seed Physiology and Bio-Chemistry) of Faizabad University B.Sc Seed Technology Part 1 Syllabus:

Theory: Physiology of seed development, seed ripening and maturation process, chemical composition of seeds, synthesis of food reserves, stimulators, inhibitors, phenolic compounds, enzymes, hormonal activities, germination, process, factors affecting seed germination and viability, chemical changes during seed storage and germination, respiratory pathways during germination, dormancy and causes of dormancy and its overcoming, improvement of seed germination with chemical treatments and irradiations.

i) Studies on factors affecting seed germination, temperature moisture, light permeability, inhibitors, osmosis
ii) Seed structure and seed coat in relation to dormancy and hardiness
iii) Seed viability test
iv) Methods of breaking or dormancy for germination
v) Seed leachate conductivity test
vi) Accelerating ageing test

Paper – III (Principles of Seed Production) of RMLAU Faizabad B.Sc Seed Technology Part 1 Syllabus:

Theory: Definition of seed and their types. Differences in seed and grains, role of quality seed in crop production, seed quality control concept in production of different crops classification of crops in relation to mode of reproduction Methods of seed production, testing of crop varieties and hybrids in self often, and cross-pollinated crops, notification and release of varieties, genetic purity of varieties, life span and factors responsible in deterioration of quality, maintenance of genetic purity, methods of production of nucleus, breeder, foundation and certified seeds, factors affecting seed setting, selection criteria of seed production and choice of area and conditions.

I) Identification of different crop seeds
II) Seed production planning and monitoring
III) Study of inflorescences and flower structure in self and cross pollinated crops
IV) Study of pollination, fertilization, pollinators, isolation distances
V) Visit of nucleus, breeder seed plots farms and maintenance of vertical records
VI) Visit of foundation and certified seed production plots farms and records of quality seed production

Practical Papers:

Paper Name of the Paper Maximum Marks
Paper I Description of anatomical differences in dicot and monocot seed 10
Paper II Determination of purith of varities by phenol test/peroxidase test/GA3 test of seeds 5
Paper III Study of seed viability and germeability 5
Paper IV Methods of breaking of seed dormancy 5
Paper V Identification of seeds of different crops and varieties (Spotting of 10 sp) 10
Paper VI Preparation of proforma for records of breeder seed foundation seeds/certified seeds 5
Paper VII Study on flower structures of self and cross pollinated crops 5+5 = 10
Paper VIII Collection of varietal herbarium of seed and practical records 5+5 = 10
Paper IX Viva Voce 5

Download RMLAU B.Sc Seed Technology 1st year syllabus here in PDF: http://rmlau.ac.in/pdf/julseed11.pdf

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