BA/B.Sc 1st Year Military Science Syllabus Faizabad University, Course Details and Suggested Books

Bachelor of Arts (BA)/Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Part 1 Military Science syllabus and course input details have been confirmed by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University, Ayodhya.

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BA/B.Sc Military Science 1st Year Syllabus of Avadh University:

Paper – I (Art of War in India (upto 1947)) of RMLAU BA/B.Sc Military Science Part 1 Syllabus:

Unit-I: Ancient India

  • (a) Military system in Vedic and Epic Age.
  • (b) Broad division of Armed forces.
  • (c) Kautilya’s Philosophy of War - organization and art of war

Unit-II: Late Ancient Period

  • (a) Decline of chariots and rise of cavalry
  • (b) Rajput Military system
  • (c) Battle of Terrain 1192

Unit-III: Medieval India

  • a) Invasion of Turks - Battle of Somnat
  • b) Mughal Military systems - Mansabdari System, Battle of Khanwa.
  • c) Maratha Military System - Guerilla Concept, Third Battle of Panipat 1761
  • d) Sikh Military system - Battle of Soberaon (1846)

Unit-IV: Modern India

  • (a) Armed forces under East India Company
  • (b) First war of Independence 1857
  • (c) Armed forces under the crown
  • (d) Presidency Armies and Indianization of Armed Forces

Recommended Books:
1. Singh S D - Ancient India war fare with special reference to Vedic Period.
2. Majumdar, B.K. - Military System in Ancient India.
3. Majumdar, B.K. - Bhartiya Sena Ka Itihas
4. Fular JFC - Generalship of Alexander the Great
5. Kongle, RP - Kautilaya's Arthashashtra
6. Sarkar Jadunath - Military history of India
7. Irvin - Bhartiya Mugalon ki Sainya Vyavastha (translated)
8. Sen S N - Military System of Maratha
9. Durf grant - Marathon ka Itihas
10. Bajwa FS - Military system of Sikh
11. Tripathi R P - Rise and fall of the Mughal
12. Gupta N R - Marathas and Panipat
13. Sharma Y K - Military science part 1
14. Pandey and Chaubey - Sainya Adhyan
15. Tewari, N P Bhartiya Sainya Itihas (Sharda Prakashan Allahabad)
16. Singh, Lallan ji - Bhartiya Sainya Itihas aur Yudh Ke Siddhant

Paper – II (Evolution of Armament and Western Art of Warfare) of Faizabad University BA/B.Sc Military Science Part 1 Syllabus:

Unit-I: Age of Valour and Chivalry

  • (a) Organization and art of war of Greek phalanx and Roman legion
  • (b) Emergence of armour and armoured knights.

Unit-II: Age of Gun powder and Steam

  • (a) Tactical Reforms of Gustavas Adolphus
  • (b) Development of naval power
  • (c) Nation-in-arm

Unit-III: Age of Oil and Atomic Energy

  • (a) Technological innovations and their effect on war
  • (b) Nations-at-war
  • (c) New devices of world war-I and II
  • (d) Effect of atom on war

Unit-IV: Cyber warfare

  • (a) Necessity of computer
  • (b) Their use in war

Recommended Books:
1. Fuller, J.F.C. Armament and History
2. Tandon, B.K. Pashchaty a Yodhan Sambhar.
3. Tewari, N.P. Yodhan Sambhar
4. Verma M.P. Yodhan Sambhar
5. Arther Birnie Art of War
6. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam - Mere Sapno ka Bharat
7. Fuller The American Civil War
8. “Nuclear Weapon” A book published by UNO
9. Martin Van Preveld Technology & War

Practical Map Reading of RMLAU Faizabad BA/B.Sc Military Science Part 1 Syllabus:

  1. Introduction of topographical sheet
  2. Conventional signs - geographical and military
  3. Finding out north by different methods
  4. Grid system - Four figure and six figure map reference
  5. Scale - simple and comparative scale, construction and interconversion
  6. Liquid prismatic compass - uses by day and night
  7. Bearing - interconversion and use of service protractor
  8. Determination of position on a grided map, resection and intersection
  9. Determination of visibility on survey maps of hilly region by gradient proportion and section drawing method.

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Recommended Books:
1. Verma MP - Sainik Manchitra Vigyan
2. Sharma, YK - Map reading
3. Singh Balwant - An easy approach to map reading
4. Gale and Porden - A complete guide to military map reading
5. Srivastava, JM Practical Military Science part 1
6. Maliwal, BN - Military Science Practical

Format of BA/B.Sc Part 1 Military Science Exam:

The entire curriculum is to be divided into four units and each question paper will have:

  1. First question – compulsory- Comprising of 10 Short Answer Questions (1 to X) covering the entire curriculum. This question will carry 40% marks of the total marks. Students will have to attempt five questions.
  2. The rest of the question paper will be divided into Four Units, comprising of 2 questions in each unit. Therefore, the total number of question in each paper shall be 9.
  3. Student will have to attempt 1 question from each unit.
  4. All these (4) questions will be of equal marks and will carry 60% marks of the total marks.
  5. The minimum passing marks in each class shall be 33% of the total marks. The candidate has to pass theory and practical separately.
  6. There shall be two theory papers and one practical. Maximum marks shall be 75 for B.A. and B.Sc. for practical; it shall be 50 marks for BA and B.Sc.

Download RMLAU BA/B.Sc Military Science 1st year syllabus here in PDF:

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