B.L.I.Sc 1st Year Syllabus RMLAU Faizabad, Theory/Practical Course Details

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Part 1 Library Science syllabus and course input details have been confirmed by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University, Ayodhya.

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B.Sc Library Science 1st Year Syllabus of RMLAU Faizabad:

Paper Name of the Paper Theory/Practical Marks Sessional/IA
I Foundation of Library and Information Science 80 20
II Management of Library and Information Centres 80 20
III Library Classification Theory 80 20
IV Library Cataloguing Theory 80 20
V Information Sources and Services 80 20
VI Basics of Information Technology 80 20

VII Library Classification Practical 80 20
VIII Library Cataloguing Practical 80 20
Tour Report and Viva-Voce:

IX Educational Tour Report 50
Max Marks


Paper – I (Foundation of Library and Information Science) of Faizabad University B.L.I.Sc Part 1 Syllabus:

Unit I - Library as a Social Institution:

  • Role of Library in Modern Society
  • Different Types (Academic, Special and Public) of Libraries and Information Centers and their organization and Functions
  • National Libraries of India, UK and USA
  • Developments of LICs in India, UK and USA (with special reference to library education)

Unit II – Library Legislation/Act:

  • Library Legislation – Need and Essential features
  • Library Legislation in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal; A model public library act/bill
  • Press and Registration Act and Delivery of Book Act
  • Copyright Act
  • Intellectual Property Act

Unit III – Normative Principles:

  • Five Laws of Library Science
  • Implications of five laws in Library and Information activities

Unit IV – Library and Information Promotars, Association and Profession:

  • Role and Activities of library Association and Agencies such as, ILA, IASLIC, ALA, LA-UK ASLIB in the development of libraries;
  • Role of International Organization: UNESCO, FID, IFLA
  • Role of UGC in development of University and college libraries in India
  • Role of RRLF in the Promotion of Library and Information services

Unit V – Public Relation and Extension Activities:

  • User Education
  • Library Extension Services
  • Consultancy services
  • Public Relations and Publicity

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Paper – II (Management of Library and Information Centres) of Avadh University B.L.I.Sc Part 1 Syllabus:

Unit I - Management:

  • Concept: Definition and Scope, Principles/Theories and Functions/Elements
  • Scientific Management: Principles
  • Applications to management of libraries and information centers
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)

Unit II – Library Planning:

  • Library Building and Equipments
  • Furniture’s and Fittings
  • Space Management

Unit III – Human Resources Management:

  • Human Resource Management in Libraries
  • Staffing categories and staff formulae
  • Recruitment and Selection;
  • Staff Development

Unit IV – Resource Development of LICs:

  • Types of Information sources
  • Selection Principles
  • Library acquisition procedures
  • Technical Procedures

Unit V – Financial Management:

  • Library Finance and Budget
  • Principles of Budgeting, budgeting techniques – PPBS, ZBB, etc.
  • Library Annual Statistics/Reports

Unit VI – Use and Importance of Library and Information Centers:

  • Circulation Systems (Browne and Newark System)
  • Stock Verification
  • Conservation and Preservation: Library Binding
  • Library Rules and Regulations

Paper – III (Library Classification Theory) of RML Avadh University B.L.I.Sc Part 1 Syllabus:

Unit I – Universe of Knowledge:

  • Structure and attributes
  • Mode of Formation of subjects
  • Different types of subjects
  • Universe of Knowledge and mapped in Different scheme of Classification

Unit II – Knowledge Organization:

  • Library Classification; Needs and Purposes
  • General Theory of library Classification and book Classification
  • Canons of Classification
  • Species of Schemes of Library Classifications
  • Mnemonic: meaning, purposes
  • Schemes of Library classification DDC, UDC, CC
  • Recent trends in library classification

Unit III – Approach to Library Classification:

  • Postulation Approach-step in classification, System approach
  • Five Fundamental Categories;
  • Facet analysis and facet sequence
  • Phase relation and their applications;
  • Concept of round and levels
  • Common Isolates; Space and Time isolates;
  • Devices and library classification: SD, CD, GD, AD, Superimposition devices

Unit IV – Call Number and Notation:

  • Concept of Call number: Class Number, Book number and Collection Number
  • Notation: Type, quality and functions
  • Sequence and Relative Index Broken

Paper – IV (Library Cataloguing Theory) of RMLAU B.Sc Library Science Part 1 Syllabus:

Unit I – History, Purpose and Types of Library Catalogues:

  • Catalogue: Purposes, Structure and Functions
  • History and Developments of Catalogue Codes
  • Types: Inner and Outer forms including OPAC

Unit II – Format of Catalogue Entry:

  • Kinds of entries and their functions;
  • Data elements in different types of Entries
  • Filling of entries: alphabetical and classified;
  • Centralized cataloguing, Co-operative cataloguing and Union Catalogue
  • Machine Format: MARC 21 and CCF

Unit III – Choice and Rendering of Headings of AACR II and CCC:

  • Personnel authors
  • Corporate authors
  • Pseudonymous, Anonymous Work and Uniform Titles
  • Serials and Simple Periodicals
  • Non Print Materials (AACR II)

Unit IV – Subject Cataloguing:

  • Problems
  • Vocabulary Control: Subject heading List and Thesauri
  • Subject Indexing Models (brief Description)
  • Methods of assigning subject headings by Chain Procedures and Sear’s List of subject headings

Paper –V (Information Sources and Services) of Faizabad University B.Sc Library Science Part 1 Syllabus:

Unit I – Reference and Information Sources:

  • Documentary Sources of Information: Print, non-Print Including Electronic
  • Nature, Characteristics, Utility and Evolution of different types of information sources
  • Non-Documentary Information sources
  • Internet as a source of information

Unit II – Reference Services:

  • Concept Definition and Trends
  • Reference Interview and Search Techniques

Unit III – Information Users and Their Information Needs:

  • Categories of Information Users
  • Information Needs: Definition and Models
  • Information Seeking Behavior
  • Users Studies: Methods, techniques and evaluation

Unit IV – Information Services:

  • Information services: Concepts, definition, Needs and trends
  • CAS and SDI: Needs, techniques and Evaluation
  • Document Delivery Services and Translation Services
  • Indexing and Abstracting Services

Paper –VI (Basics of Information Technology) of Avadh University B.Sc Library Science Part 1 Syllabus:

Unit I – Information Technology:

  • Concept, Definition, Components
  • Computer Technology: Brief evolution (Generation), Fundamentals: Hardware, Software Input and output devices
  • Operating System
  • Communication Technologies: Overview, Processes Media Channel
  • Information Technology Bill 2000
  • Application of IT in LICs

Unit II – Library Automation:

  • Brief History, Library automation in India
  • Planning and Implementation of Library Automation
  • Area of Automation
  • Computerized Information Services
  • Application of Bar Code Technology in Library Automation

Unit III – Digital Libraries:

  • Definition, needs, characteristics
  • Infrastructure and methodology for Digitalization
  • Function of digital Libraries
  • Management and challenges of Digital Libraries
  • Virtual and Hybrid Library (Brief Description)

Unit IV – Application Software:

  • Nature and types of Software Packages
  • Features of Indian Software Packages
  • Developmental Activities of Indian Library Software
  • Study of SOUL
  • Database Creation Software Package; CDS/ISIS (DBMS Packages)

Unit V – Networks:

  • Computer Network
  • LAN, WAN, Network Topology
  • Network based Information services
  • INTERNET and Its services
  • INTERNET and its Services

Paper –VII (Library Classification Practical) of RMLAU Faizabad B.Sc Library Science Part 1 Syllabus:

  • 1. Classification of Eight TITLES out of 12 by DDC 19th ed. (40 marks)
  • 2. Classification of Eight TITLES out of 12 by CC 6th revised edition (40 marks)

Note: There shall be one internal and one external examiner for practical examination. Paper shall be set by the external examiner at a time of examination)

Paper –VIII (Library Cataloguing Practical) of Faizabad University B.Sc Library Science Part 1 Syllabus:

Part 1: This part to be catalogued by CCC 5th edition within amendments; Class index entries to be prepared by CHAIN PROCEDURES; This will include Personal Authors, Shared responsibility, Corporate Authors, Composite Books, multi-volume Publications and simple periodical Publication.

Part 2: This part to be catalogued by AACR II; Subject heading will be prepared according to Sear’s list of subject heading; This part will include-Single Personal Author, Shared Responsibilities and Editorial direction, Multi-volume, Corporate Bodies, Simple Periodical publications and Non Print materials.

Paper – IX (Tour Report and Viva-Voce) of Faizabad University B.L.I.Sc 1st Year Syllabus:

1. Tour Report: (50 Marks) Tour report shall be evaluated by the department. Tour report will be prepared on the basis of following criteria:

  • i. Introduction
  • ii. Name of the library and their type with historical background
  • iii. Organization and management
  • iv. Different types of Collections
  • v. No. of sections and types of services
  • vi. Technical processing
  • vii. Automation Technology used by the library
  • viii. Rules and regulations of library

2. Viva-Voce: (50 marks) There shall be one internal and one external examiner for Viva-Voce

Download RMLAU B.Sc Library Science 1st year syllabus here in PDF: http://rmlau.ac.in/pdf/jullib11.pdf

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