BA 1st Year Ancient History and Archaeology Syllabus RMLAU Faizabad, Pattern and Course Details

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Part 1 Ancient History and Archaeology syllabus and course input details have been confirmed by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University, Ayodhya.

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Paper 1 (Political History of Ancient History BC 600-AD 606) of Faizabad University BA Ancient History Part 1 Syllabus:

Unit I

  • 1. Sources of Ancient Indian History
  • 2. Political condition of Northern Indian During 6th Cent. B.C.
  •   a- Sixteen Mahajanapadas
  •   b- Republics
  • 3. Persian and Aleaxander's invasion on India and Its effects
  • 4. Risa of Magadhan Empire
  •   a- Haryanka dynasty [Bimbisara, Ajatashatru and his successors]
  •   b- Saisunga dynasty [Sisunaga, Kalasoka]
  •   c- Nanda dynasty [Mahapadanaanda and its origin and causes of downfall]

Unit II

  • 1. The Mauryas [Origin, Early life & conquests of Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara, Sources for the history of Asoka, Conquests, Extent of Empire, Dhamma Policy, Successors & Causes of Downfall]
  • 2. The Sungas, the Kanvas, the Satavahanas
  • 3. King Kharvela of Kalinga

Unit III

  • 1. The Indo-Greeks
  • 2. The Indo-Sythians & the Indo-Parthians
  • 3. The Kushanas [ Kuzul & Vima Kadphysis, Kanishka, his successors]

Unit IV

  • 1. The Guptas [Chandraputa, I Samudragupta, Historicity of Ramagupta, Chandragupta II, Kumaragupta, Skandagupta, Successors and causes of Downfall]
  • 2. Brief History of the following
  •   a- The Vakatakas
  •   b- The Maukharis
  •   c- The Later Guptas
  • 3. Huna Invasions of India

Recommended Books:

  1. Raichaudhuri H.C.: Political History of Ancient India
  2. Pandey, V.C. & A. Pandey: A New History of Ancient India

Paper 2 (State and Social, Economic & Religious Life in Ancient India) of Avadh University BA Ancient History Part 1 Syllabus:

Unit 1

  1. General Survey of the origin and development of Varna and Jati
  2. Scheme of Ashramas
  3. Purusharthas
  4. Smaskar
  5. Marriage

Unit 2

  1. Position of women
  2. Education system in Ancient India
  3. Origin of State and its types monarchy & Republic
  4. Position of State

Unit 3

  1. Agriculture with special reference to the Vedic Age
  2. Ownership of Land
  3. Guild Organisation
  4. Trade and Commerce with special reference to the 6th century B.C., Saka-Satavahana period and Gupta period

Unit 4

  1. Indus religion
  2. Vedic religion
  3. Life and Teachings of Mahavira
  4. Life and Teachings of Buddha
  5. Vaishnavism upto Gupta period
  6. Saivism upto the Gupta period

Books Recommended:

  1. Prabhu, P.H.  Hindu Social Organisation
  2. Altekar, A.S.: Education in Ancient India
  3. Adya, G.L.: Early Indian Economics
  4. Maity S.K.: Economic Life in Northern India in the Gupta period
  5. Saletore, R.N.: Ealry Indian Economic History
  6. Goyal , S.R.: Religious History of Ancient India
  7. Bhandarkar, R.G.: Vaishanavism, Saivism, and other minor religious sects

Download RMLAU BA Ancient History and Arch 1st year syllabus here in PDF:

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