BA 1st Year Office Management Syllabus Avadh University, Reading Books and Course Details

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Part 1 Office Management syllabus and course input details have been confirmed by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University, Ayodhya.

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RMLAU Faizabad BA 1st Year Office Management Syllabus Papers:

Paper Name of the Paper Maximum Marks
1 Office Management 75
2 Typewriting 75
Practical Training and Viva-Voice-Typing 50
Total Marks

Paper – I (Office Management) of Faizabad University BA Office Management Part 1 Syllabus:

  1. Introduction: Meaning importance objective and function of office management in modern business relation of office with other departments, office manager its qualities, function, duties and responsibilities.
  2. Office organization with special reference to centralization and decentralization.
  3. Location and layout of office-selection of office location, office accommodation, office planning and layout.
  4. Office Environment: Office environment and flow of work, office machines and equipments and furniture.
  5. Procedure for efficient handling of office work-handling of inward and outward correspondence, communication system.
  6. Office forms design and control: Purpose of forms, principles and practice of forms design, Authorship and design requirement of good forms design. Preparation of copy and designing tools, procedure of designing a form. Stationary supplies, organizational control over office forms, and stationary, copying and duplicating.
  7. Office records and systems-indexing of records, filing records, office work measurement and control.

Books Recommended:

  1. Office Management – RC Agarwal
  2. Office Management – SC Saxena
  3. Office Management – SP Arora
  4. Office Management – Ghose and Agrawal

Paper – II (Typewriting) of Avadh University BA Typewriting Part 1 Syllabus:

  1. Typewriter, its make and its mechanical construction, correct position of the typewriter, correct sitting position relating to the position of the typewriter, correct position of finger of guide keys, care and maintenance of the typewriter. Oiling and cleaning operations.
  2. Key board shift keys and their use, signs of punctuation and ruler for marks, margin, top and its adjustment, left and bottom be and its purpose.
  3. Works and their division at the end of lines. Punctuation, typing and its different system, light touch and its advantages.
  4. The eraser, its kinds and use, security against loss, methods of its application, correction of simple errors loss including strike over up and down and left to right movements.
  5. Carbon papers and their use. Taking out more than one copy with the aid of carbon papers.
  6. Simple letters with subject heading margin and its general rule spacing, single and double, at top and bottom of a sheat paragraph heading. Envelope addressing.
  7. Tabulator and its application. Display of tabulating work. Invoices, balance sheets, sale accounts, etc. and their typing. Business correspondence. Drafting telegrams. Manuscripts official correspondence and its classification.
  8. Graph and its description. Methods and producing copies in numbers.
  9. Ribbon tape and its purpose its movement and saction, ribbon spool and how to put on a new ribbon. Ribbon carrier, paper and its sizes, how and how to insert paper.
  10. Process of cutting stencil paper for duplicating, purpose, rectification of errors on stencil paper. Duplicators, its makes and uses.
  11. Elements of secretarial practice, office routine, filling flat and indexing, card systems.
  12. Speed in typewriting, typewriter speed competition.

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Books Recommended:

  1. व्यवहारिक टंकण कला - ओंकारनाथ वर्मा
  2. श्री बालाजी इंग्लिश टाइप (हिंदी, अंग्रेजी) - मनोज कुमार
  3. मानक टंकण कला - ओंकारनाथ

Practical: Training and Viva-Voice-Typing

Download RMLAU BA Office Management 1st year syllabus here in PDF:

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