BA 1st Year Physical Education Syllabus Faizabad University, Reference Books and Course Details

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Part 1 Physical Education syllabus and course input details have been confirmed by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University, Ayodhya.

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RML Avadh University BA 1st Year Physical Education Syllabus Papers:

Paper Name of the Paper Maximum Marks
1 Physical Education 75
2 Physical Education 75
Total Marks

Paper – I of Faizabad University BA Physical Education Part 1 Syllabus:

Unit I: Physical Education

  • Meaning, Definition, Aims and Objectives
  • Needs, Trends and Scope of Physical Education
  • Career in Physical Education and Sports

Unit II: History and Development of Physical Education in India

  • Division of Ancient Period-Vedic Period, Boudha Period, Mugal Period, British Period and Post Independent Period
  • Physical Education in Ancient Greece, Rome, Russia, Germany, USA and China

Unit III: Modern Trends in Physical Education and Sports

  • Introduction
  • Carrier in Physical Education and Sports

Unit IV: Sociological Basis of Physical Education

  • Definition and Socialization
  • Sports and Socialization
  • Socialization through Sports

Unit V: Sports Personalities of India

(Details of Life History, Sports Achievement and Awards)

  • a) Mikka Singh
  • b) Major Dhyan Chand
  • c) Babu K. D. Singh
  • d) Sir Kapil Dev
  • e) Vishwanathan Anand
  • f) PT Usha
  • g) Sachin Tendulkar

Reference Books:

  1. Rice Hutchinson and Lee, Brief History of Physical Education. The Ronald Press Company, New York.
  2. Eraj Khan, History of Physical Education, Hyderabad
  3. J. F. Williams, W. B. Sanders, Principles of Physical Education. Company, Philadelphia, London
  4. J. B. Nash, Physical Education: Interpretations and objectives. The Ronald Press Company – New York
  5. Douglas, N. Hastlad, Alan, C. & Lancy, (1994), Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education and Exercise Science, Second Education Arizon: Gorsuch Scarisbrick
  6. Singh, A. Bains, J. Gill, J. S. Barar, R.S. Rathee, N.K (2003), Essentials of Physical Education, Kalyani Publishers, Ludhiana, India

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Paper – II of Avadh University BA Physical Education Part 1 Syllabus:

Unit I: Biological Basis of Physical Education

  • Meaning of Growth and Development
  • Factor affecting growth and development
  • Heredity and Environment
  • Effect of Heredity and Environment on Growth and Development
  • Types of Body

Unit II: Anatomy

  • Meaning and Definition of Anatomy
  • Structure, types and function of Cell and Tissues
  • Structure and Functions of Skeletal system, muscular system, Digestive system, Nervous system, Respiratory system, Circulatory system, Glandular system, and Reproductive system
  • Effects of exercises on skeletal system, muscular system, Digestive system, Nervous system, Respiratory system, Circulatory system, Glandular system, Reproductive system

Unit III: Physiology

Meaning and Definition of Physiology

  • I Physiology of muscular activity
  • II Physiology of Respiration
  • III Physiology of Blood circulation
  • IV Factors influencing performance in Games and Sports

Unit IV: General Physiological Concept

  • Vital Capacity
  • Fatigue
  • Second Wind
  • Oxygen Debt
  • Blood Pressure
  • Muscular Contractions

Unit V: Doping

  • Introduction
  • Meaning and Definition of Doping
  • Effect of Doping on Body
  • Effect of Doping on Performance
  • Prohibited Classes of Substances

Reference Books:

  1. Scott K Powers, Edward T. Howley, Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance, Publisher: McGraw Hill Higher Education
  2. Shamshad Ahmed, Biological Basis of Physical Education, Gyan Publishing House, India
  3. Scientific Foundations of Physical Education: CC Cowell, Happer and Brothers, New York
  4. Graham Thompson, Physical Education: Anatomy and Exercise Physiology, Publisher: Hodder Education, Great Britain

Practical of RMLAU Faizabad BA Physical Education Part 1 Syllabus:

Details of the Practical Examination (Practical 50 Marks)

1)    Record Book – 10 Marks

  • Rules and Regulations of Games/Sports
  • Lay out of Play field/Court
  • Fundamental skills of the Games/Sports

2)    Practical Examination – 40 Marks

  • Gymnastic and Yoga (Performance of Minimum Two Skill of Each)


  1. Theory paper I and II shall be of 3 hours duration carrying 75 marks each
  2. The BA 1st year Practical will carry 50 marks

Practical Examination Conducted:

  1. One organizer/Internal Examiner (Internal subject teacher)
  2. One External Examination appointed by University
  3. Peons – Two peons for Ground marking, water supply and equipment supply etc.

Download RMLAU BA Physical Education 1st year syllabus here in PDF:

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