BA 1st Year Medieval and Modern History Syllabus Faizabad University, Reading Books and Course Details

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Part 1 Medieval and Modern History syllabus and course input details have been confirmed by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University, Ayodhya.

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Paper – I (Political History of India (Medieval and Modern) 1206 to 1707 AD) of RMLAU BA Medieval and Modern History Part 1 Syllabus:

Unit I

  1. Significant source material of medieval India: Archaeological literary and historical
  2. Historiography - Different Approaches
  3. Rise of Turks, causes of Success of Arab invasion and its impact

Unit II - Slave Dynasty

  1. Aibak - Early career, achievements as a commander, difficulties, an assessment
  2. Iltutmish -Early life, problems, achievements, an estimate, the successors and the rule of forty
  3. Razia - Her state policy, causes of her downfall, an assessment
  4. Balban - Early life and accession, his problems, theory of kingship, achievements, an estimate
  5. Causes of downfall of slave dynasty

  • 6. Khaliji Dynasty:

  • Jalaluddin Firoz Shah Khaliji - Early life and career, significant events of his reign, foreign policy, estimate
  • Alauddin Khaliji - Early career and accession, difficulties, theory of kingship, Hindu policy, Domestic policy, revolts and its remedies, Administrative system, Price control and Market regulations, foreign policy, southern conquest, mongol invasion and its effects, an assessment

Unit III - Tughlaq Dynasty

  1. Ghiasuddin Tughlaq - Domestic policy, foreign policy, death of Ghiasuddin
  2. Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq- Domestic policy schemes of Mohd. Tughlaq, Revenue reforms, Administrative reforms, foreign policy, Deccan policy, revolts, significance of his reign
  3. Firoz Shah Tughlaq - Early life, accession, was Firoz an usurper?, Domestic policy, foreign policy, Administrative reforms, an estimate. Invasion of Timur, causes and its effects. Causes of downfall of Tughlaq dynasty

  • 4. Sayyid Dynasty:

  • Khizr Khan - Victories, achievements, character. Mubarak Shah - His achievements. Alam Shah - Administrative achievements.

  • 5. Lodhi Dynasty:

  • Bahlol Lodhi - Accession, main events of reign, character, assessment
  • Sikander Lodhi - Main events of his life, foreign policy.
  • Ibrahim Lodhi - Domestic policy, foreign policy, causes of failure, an estimate.

Unit IV

  1. Nature of state, different theories of kingship
  2. Causes of downfall of Delhi Sultanate
  3. Central and provincial administration, army organization
  4. Development of literate and architecture

Books Recommended:

  1. Early Medieval India - A.B. Pandey
  2. Foundation of Muslim Rule in India - A.B.M. Habibullah
  3. Medieval Indian History - Ishwari Prasad
  4. History of Qaraunah Truks in India - Ishwari Prasad
  5. Growth of Khalji imperialism - Ishwari Prasad
  6. Alauddin's Market Regulation - B.P. Saxena
  7. Chronology of Mohd. Tughlaq - N.H. Rizvi
  8. Firoz Shah Tughlaq - K.K. Basu
  9. Sikandar Lodhi as a founder - A. Halim
  10. The Administration of Sultanate of Delhi - I.H. Quraishi
  11. Some Aspects of Muslim Administration - R.P. Tripathi

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Paper – II (History of Europe 1453 - 1789 AD) of Avadh University BA Medieval and Modern History Part 1 Syllabus:

Unit I

  1. Renaissance - Emergence, Nature & Impact
  2. The Reformation and Counter Reformation- Causes, nature of reformation, results
  3. Rise of National States - Causes, main monarchies and their growth - Ferdinand, Isabella of Spain, Louis XI of France, England - Henery VII, Holy Roman Empire
  4. Rise and Decline of Spain - Foreign Policy of Charles V, Philip II, Revolt of Netherland, Thirty Years War, Causes of downfall of Spain

Unit II

  1. The Ascendancy of France - Background of religious and civil wars, Domestic policy of Henry IV, Regime of Louis XIII
  2. France at her Zenith - Domestic and foreign policy of Louis XIV
  3. England and Industrial Revolution - Queen Elizabeth I, the age of Stuarts, the civil war, Charles II, James II and Glorious revolution, causes of industrial revolution and its effects
  4. The Age of Enlightened Despotism - Meaning, prominent enlightened despots - Fedrick the great, Maria Theresa, Joseph II of Austria, Catherine II, Weakness of enlightened despotism

Unit III

  1. Rise of Modern Russia - Peter the great, Catherine II their foreign policies
  2. Austrian Empire - War of Austrian succession - Treaty of Aix-LA-Chapple, Causes of seven years war, The treaty of Hubertusberg, Foreign policy of Joseph II
  3. The Rise of Prussia - Domestic, foreign and religious policy of Frederick the great

Unit IV

  1. American War of Independence - Causes, events, results
  2. Commercial Revolution - Causes of Mercantilism, main thinkers, importance of Mercantilism and Criticism, Causes of its decline
  3. The Age of Reason - Main intellectuals, salient features of age of reason, impact of the age of reason
  • France on the eve of resolution - Political, economic, religious and social condition, intellectual revolution

Books Recommended:

  1. History of Europe - R.C. Agrawal
  2. History of Europe - V.D. Mahajan
  3. History of Modern Europe - Sucheta Mahajan
  4. Reading in European History - Bernard and Hedges
  5. A Political & Cultural History of Modern Europe – Hayes
  6. History of Europe - C.D. Hazen
  7. A Short History of Europe - J.A.R. Marriot
  8. Europe - Grant & Temperley
  9. Europe - L. Mukherji
  10. Europe - J. Roberts

RMLAU Faizabad BA Medieval & Modern History 1st Year Syllabus:
Paper Name of the Paper Marks
Paper 1 Political History of India (Medieval and Modern) 1206 to 1707 A.D. 100
Paper 2 History of Europe 1453 to 1789 A.D. 100

Download RMLAU BA Med and Mod History 1st year syllabus here in PDF:

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